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Software Engineers (All Levels, Remote & Wiesbaden)


  • We’re a team for hire, building modern cloud solutions with our clients
  • We work remotely but have an office in Wiesbaden where we meet from time to time
  • We seek multiple software engineers in all levels but prefer those with experience
  • You should be familiar with modern cloud development and at least one programming language
  • There’s a salary formula and transparent salary; Depending on your start level you will earn between 44k € and 85k €
  • There’s unlimited training budget, 30 days paid leave, company pension scheme, maximum flexibility, and the opportunity to shape essquare with us

What we do.

We love building products from scratch. The excitement of seeing something grow that once was only a rough idea is incomparable. Transforming ideas into stable foundations is what we do. Together with our clients and their teams, we work on defining, structuring, and building the organizational and technical capabilities necessary to grow them into a more valuable digital business.


We also enjoy jumping into legacy systems and crying about how awful the code looks and how terrible the software behaves. (In a typical software engineering manner.) But eventually we will improve what needs to be improved and find a solution for any challenge that you can solve with technology. We help make existing product even better. Always.


We build modern cloud solutions across a wide range of industries with a nice mix of customers. We do not work for large enterprises anymore though.  


What we currently do:

  • Custom application development 
  • Legacy Software re-engineering and cloud migration
  • Microservices & Serverless Architectures
  • Continuous Delivery Pipelines
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Prototype/MVP Development
  • Technical foundation development
  • Technical consulting, assessments, and due diligence 


What the tech stack in our current projects look like:

  • AWS (CDK, CloudFormation, SQS, S3, EC2, ECS, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Cognito, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Lambda Functions, Amplify, Appsync)
  • Azure (DevOps, AKS, Blob Storage, Front Door…)
  • Java11/12, Golang
  • Maven, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB Atlas, DynamoDB
  • Keycloak, SpiceDB, Cognito
  • TypeScript, Node, Angular, Vue, React
  • OSGI, Eclipse SmartHome (OpenHAB) 

We work in Kanban or in Scrum. As a single team or with multiple other teams. 

What we are looking for.

We’re looking for hands-on developer who speak a good mix of languages and are up-to-date on state-of-the-art technologies. If you are passionate about clean, maintainable, and scalable code, you care for high-quality software and love to work with like-minded people? Well, then it's you we are looking for.


We are hiring for multiple engineers. Whether you are or would like to become a Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer or Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, you are welcome at essquare. And if you have another human that you love to work with, bring him/her/x along too! 


We love working with people who are eager to learn, so please do apply, even if you haven’t worked with the tech stack described above before.


Mandatory is very good German and at least good English skills, as well as your residence in a CET+/-2h time zone. 


Even though you see white, bald, and male essquarians on most of our images, we would really like to grow our diversity and therefore encourage anyone to apply to work with us. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, or any other characteristic.



What you will do.

As part of one of our teams for hire, you will focus on building high-quality cloud applications for our clients in an agile environment. Your contribution within the team heavily depends on your preferences and of course the general conditions of what needs to be done. 


We support our clients throughout the full cycle of software development. From ideation to deployment and beyond, as well as everything in between. This leaves many opportunities for you to learn and contribute within this cycle. 


  •  you will work in collaborative, value-driven teams to build innovative solutions with our clients
  •  you will write high-quality, well-tested code and take ownership for it
  •  you will be able to experiment with the latest technologies and develop skills across the stack while solving our clients’ problems. 
  • you will utilize DevOps tools and practices to build and deploy software
  • you will practice agile methods such as Kanban, Scrum, and elements of Extreme Programmming
  • you will act as a mentor and be mentored through both your technical knowledge and human skills
  • you are invited to share your expertise with others via speaking engagements, contributions to open source, blogs and more

What you will get.

At essquare, you are more than your title. You’re invited to become a member of a handpicked team of professionals, where everyone is given an incredible amount of freedom and autonomy. You gain a vote that has the same impact on any decision as everyone else in the company. But with that also comes ownership and responsibility.


essquare loves to help team members thrive in their work and life. As a result, we invest in benefits that include meaningful time off and paid holidays and an unlimited budget for trainings. We equip you with your favorite hardware, which you can use remotely but also at our office. essquare is an employee-led company with transparent salaries and an open compensation model. 


At essquare we follow a couple of principles since its inception that are still valid:


  • everyone’s vote counts the same
  • team hires the team (democratically)
  • personal growth will always be more important than financial growth
  • the team will always be more important than an individual
  • we will not grow larger than 30 humans * 

How we hire.

We don’t have a fully-fledged HR designed hiring process, and we think we will never need one. We follow a simple application process.



You apply. If we like your application, we’ll invite you to talk. If not, we will certainly get back to you asap, too. 


Talk to us.

The first talk is usually with a bunch of us. It’s a first get to know and rough exchange of expectations. If all goes well, we like to invite you to a co-working session, or we will invite you to do a coding challenge followed by a team code-review session. We want to spend time with you and if you or we feel like we should spend more time with each other, we are quick and spontaneous to find a good way to accommodate whatever is needed.


Vote & decide.

We’re a small team of humans, and it’s the single most important decision who we add to the team as well as it is a very important decision for you too. At essquare, we vote on the decision on who joins the team or not. Only if every essquarian agrees, we will make you an offer.



You’re hired – and we’ll start with preparing the onboarding. 

Simply drop this guy a message.

Sebastian Nell | CEO & Founder


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Sebastian Nell

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