Sellwerk Case Study.

Bootstrapping a SaaS development Team.

Transforming ideas into stable foundations.

sellwerk is a web application which offers digital tools and services to help SMEs master digitalization, whether that is improving their online presence, managing customer relations or for instance help with recruiting and invoicing. is

tailored individually for each customer.

Tools and services are offered by SELLWERK subsidiaries and partners; is the hub that unifies them in a seamless UX

and focuses on true customer needs.

Digital subsidiary of Müller Medien, largest publishing house in Germany; HQ in Nuremberg; 1000+ employees.

Strategic goal: foster a closer (digital) relationship with their customers and offer digital solutions to a previously analog customer base.

6+ essquarians full-time

1.5 years project duration

25+ total team members

AWS infrastructure as code

SPRING microservices for backend

VUEJS components for frontend

SCRUM by the book with 3 teams

REMOTE 3 locations, fully distributed during COVID


SELLWERK approached us to conduct an architecture, code and team review to help them identify the capabilities they would need to scale and develop a successful product. We performed a comprehensive health check which resulted in a series of recommendations for them to move forward. Instead of moving forward alone, they asked us to guide them. After a series of additional workshops our joint mission was proclaimed:


  • Coach team to be able to continue development of product when essquarians are gone
  • Support recruiting for Team Members  


  • Implement a modern development process
  • Implement a Scrum process for teams and stakeholder
  • Improve requirement engineering  


  • Build infrastructure and CI/CD pipeline on AWS
  • Use Vue.js for Frontend Application
  • Build Backend in microservices with Spring Boot  


Working in a team for 1.5 years does not work if you don’t foster a social relationship. And we did. We became an integral part of an international, interdisciplinary, relentlessly client-focused team, made three locations, plenty of cultures and corona not holding us back becoming one team and launching a product

Meet us

SDE Tech Stack.

  • CDK
  • SQS
  • EC2
  • ECS
  • DynamoDB
  • Cognito
  • SNS
  • CloudFront
  • CloudWatch
  • Lamda functions
Reinforced Foundations
sellwerk tech
Spring Boot