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Der Leading Transformation Kongress steht vor der Tür (und wir sind dabei)! 18 Vorträge zu 6 Themenfeldern, die uns 2024 ordentlich beschäftigen werden.

Spannende Impulse wird Sebastian zum Thema
"Künstliche Intelligenz braucht menschliche Intelligenz?" geben.

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Stable Foundation

Stable Foundations.

We love building products from scratch. Who doesn’t? The excitement of seeing something grow that once was only a rough idea is incomparable. Transforming ideas into stable foundations is what drives us.

Together with our clients and their teams, we work on defining, structuring and building the organizational and technical capabilities necessary to grow into a cutting-edge digital business.

Reinforced Foundations

Reinforced Foundations.

We’re not only building products from scratch but also enjoy jumping into legacy systems and crying about how awful the code looks and how terrible the software behaves, in a typical software engineering manner.

But eventually we will improve what needs to be improved and find a solution for any challenge that you can solve with technology. We help make your existing product even better. Always.

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What we do.

  • Custom application development
  • Legacy Software re-engineering and cloud migration
  • Microservices & Serverless Architectures
  • Continuous Delivery Pipelines
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Prototype/MVP Development
  • Technical foundation development
  • Technical consulting, assessments, and due diligence

"We are not selling man days. We are selling growth, mutual learning and rock solid software solutions. And we are passionate about it."

— the essquarians

We are missing 20
Software Engineers.

Are you keen about building foundations for best in breed tech products and create the finest company to build those products?

Become part of our journey.

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We are here – and wherever we are needed.


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