We. Build. Foundations.


Stable Foundations.

We love building products from scratch. Who doesn’t? The excitement of seeing something grow that once was only a rough idea is incomparable. Transforming ideas into stable foundations is what drives us.

Together with our clients and their teams, we work on defining, structuring and building the organizational and technical capabilities necessary to grow into a cutting-edge digital business.
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Reinforced Foundations.

We’re not only building products from scratch but also enjoy jumping into legacy systems and crying about how awful the code looks and how terrible the software behaves, in a typical software engineering manner.

But eventually we will improve what needs to be improved and find a solution for any challenge that you can solve with technology. We help make your existing product even better. Always.
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  • Java
  • Spring
  • VueJS
  • NodeJS
  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Golang
  • Amazon Web Services
  • TypeScript
  • Docker
  • Spring Boot
  • Elasticsearch
  • JUnit
  • Maven
  • Wiremock
  • Javascript

Capabilities include.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cloud Native Technologies
  • Microservices & Serverless Architectures
  • Infrastructure As Code
  • Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Typical Projects include.

  • Prototype/MVP Development
  • Technical Foundation Building
  • Legacy Software Re-engineering
  • Web Applications
  • SaaS Product Development
  • Bootstrapping a SaaS development team

    We led the technical development and were also responsible for requirements engineering, functional conception and improving methodology as well as assisting in recruiting new team members.

    Tech Stack: Vue.js in the frontend and Spring Boot microservices and AWS Lambdas in the backend, powered by AWS

  • Project VENDOExpert Developer Team

    We developed a part of the new sales platform for Deutsche Bahn AG including several microservices in Java/Spring Boot that deal with purchasing products (e.g. Tickets) on various touchpoints.

  • Technical foundation for ConTech Startup

    We are building the MVP to support kei’s disruptive approach to the single-family home construction market. A customer-facing frontend and the foundation for a machine learning algorithm are built with React, GraphQL and serverless on AWS.

115 115 years of professional experience

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WHY 21?

Well, we are nine. And we don’t want to grow larger than 30 people. Why 30? There’s probably a good scientific explanation somewhere. But to be fair, the idea of a thirty man team started with an experiment at Crytek. Since then, 30 was always the magic number for people in one company. We believe that it’s the perfect size to continue to run the company the way we do. Lean, transparent, with purpose while empowering the people in it.


As an essquarian you’re invited to become a member of a handpicked team of professionals where everyone is given an incredible amount of freedom and autonomy. You gain a vote that has the same impact on any decision as everyone else in the company. But with that also comes a ton of ownership and responsibility - you control your own destiny at essquare, but with your vote you also impact the destiny of the whole company and everyone in it.

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