We help build organizations of the future by building products for today.

Nearly every organization will need to become a technology company in order to compete tomorrow. Yes, even yours. If you need to start building your foundation now (and fast) the essquare team for hire approach might be for you.  A team of seasoned experts will work alongside you to define, structure and build the organizational and technical capability necessary to grow into a cutting-edge digital business.

Fast and enabling.

We deploy our team and approach, to get you where you need to go with the capability and flexibility your world demands.

Let's team up

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We let results speak for themselves.

Faster product development cycles

Faster product development cycles

Build, measure, learn. We get you where you need to go with purpose and speed.

Modern cloud technology solutions

Modern cloud technology solutions

Move applications, shift workloads, or simply unlock the cloud to build more valuable products.

Customer-centric and data-driven products

Customer-centric and data-driven products

We help you build intelligent products that learn, connect and excite.

Growing peoples skills and capabilities

Growing peoples skills and capabilities

We teach, coach and learn to grow the potential of your organization.

Facilitating organizational agility

Facilitating organizational agility

Driving change from within to positively impact your road forward.

Team for Hire


Our essquare team for hire operates with purpose, autonomy and extensive experience in what is needed in order to find the path towards your goals. We show up, ready to dive in, excited to build world-changing technology products in partnership with you while enabling  your team along the way.

We’ve been working together for many years and know each other inside-out while at the same are capable to integrate into new environments quickly to establish the foundation for a healthy growth. 


Our highest goal is to make sure to enable you to continuously grow into a more valuable company. We coach, mentor, teach and learn methodical and technological capability. We lead with attitude to make sure that we achieve this together with you and find sustainable and pragmatic solutions. We are all-in on the mission to co-create products and capability. At the end, we want to see you succeed. 

  • Product Development
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Development Processes and Practices
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Organizational Development
  • Team Building & Recruiting


We’ve built successful products and we’ve built successful teams. We understand how and when to leverage which frameworks. It usually starts with you, with your teams, your legacy and your willingness of how you want to work in the future. 

We don’t impose anything. We quickly draft the leanest set of plant to validate the most important hypothesis before we continuously and iteratively improve how we do things.


All our engagements start with uncertainty. New products or new systems have never been developed before and there is no guaranteed path to success. Only a guarantee for detours and obstacles. 

That’s how innovation is created. We assume variability from the minute we start building the core capabilities. Together with you, we create processes and technical infrastructure that help us maintain flexibility and explore options before we decide. 


We work with you – not for you. We're not selling man-days. We're selling growth, mutual learning and rock-solid software solutions.

We embrace the opportunity to create lasting, positive change in your organization, elevating the capability of people, establishing processes, and establishing the technology tracks necessary for them to continue the work beyond us.

We are here – and wherever we are needed.

Are you ready?